Eton mess cupcakes
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Cupcakes are our thing, we just love them

All cupcakes are baked to order and are topped with italian meringue buttercream to give a cupcake that is not to sweet and full of flavour
Mix and match  to create your own flavour box available in dozen boxes

4 flavours per box £45.00

3 flavours per box £40.00

2 flavours per box £35.00

1 flavour per box £30.00

Classic Flavours

Vanilla sprinkle

Double Chocolate sprinkle

Triple lemon

Victoria sandwich


Maltesers and salted caramel popcorn pre

"Delicious ! lovely flavour combination that look good but most importantly taste amazing"

Special Flavours

Happy Birthday Box

Peanut butter jelly

Bakewell tart

Raspberry Rose and pistachio

Nutella crunch


Salted caramel

Salted caramel pretzel

Caramel popcorn and pretzel


Lemon cheesecake

Triple chocolate black cherry

Double Caramel biscoff

Coffee walnut maple

Say it with cake 

6 vanilla Funfetti sprinkle cupcakes

6 double chip chocolate vermicelli cupcakes

 mini candle

Birthday Postcard with your message hand written


Vanilla funfetti sprinkle and Chocolate
Birthday cards
You can add a greeting card to your order

Cupcake Menu

We always tweak the menu and add seasonal flavours to reflect autumn winter/spring summer

Lime and Chocolate
Raspberry white chocolate popcorn
Lemon lime coconut
Double caramel biscoff
Mocha and Pistachio
Chocolate Indulgence
Lemon Cheescake
Victoria sandwich
Nutella crunch
Chocolate sprinkle
Vanilla sprinkle
Salted caramel pretzel
Bakewell tart
Raspberry rose pistachio
Double chocolate malteser
Raspberry and lemon
Black cherry chocolate
Citrus snowball
Caramel popcorn and pretzel
Salted caramel
Triple chocolate blossom
Peanut butter chocolate