Available to order from

9th November -11th December

last delivery day 23rd December

last postal day 20th December


Box of 6 cupcakes

£15.00 (1-2 flavours)

Box of 12 cupcakes

1 flavour cupcake box £26.00

2 flavour cupcake box £30.00

3 flavour cupcake box £36.00

4 flavour cupcake box £42.00

Chocolate stirring spoons £2.00 each

5" Salted caramel baileys cake £35.00

Irish cream chocolate  kake jar  £6.00

irish cream chocolate kake jar postal £10.58 (Includes postage)

Festive rocky road (box of 3) £11.00

Festive rocky road each £3.00

4" Mini rum cake £25.00

Postal treat box  £15.58 (includes postage uk)

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Cupcake boxes are available in boxes of  6 and 12

box of 6 cupcakes please choose between 1-2 flavours
Box of 12 cupcakes please choose between 1-4 flavours

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4 flavour cupcake box